Legal Recording Fees

One of the most important responsibilities of the County Clerk's office is the recording of land records. Recorded instruments date back to 1820. The most common documents recorded are deeds, mortgages, assignments, and mortgage releases. All land records are available for public viewing at our office located at 38 Main Street, Cadiz, Kentucky.

There are some changes that the Trigg County Clerk’s office is making in 2020. Soon we will be offering E-Filing in which you may have your records recorded. This service will allow you to send documents to the clerk’s office without having to send them via mail, FedEx, UPS, or hand-delivery. The E-filing service is expected to be available in March, 2020. To learn more about this service, please contact our office at 270-522-6661.

In addition, a new fee schedule has been implemented as of January 1, 2020, as indicated below.​​​​​​​​

Type of Legal RecordingFee
Affidavit in Support of Title$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate$51.00 (includes $1.00 for canceling title)
Affidavit of Descent$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Agreement & Plan of Merger$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Articles & Amended Articles$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Assignment of Mortgage$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Assignment of Rents$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Assumed Name$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Bail Bonds$63.00
Bond to Release Mechanic Lien$60.00
Bonds - Property as Surety$10.00
Certified Copy$5.00 ($.50/page after 3 pages)
Condo - Deed$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Contract - Land$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Deed of Correction $46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Deed of Release$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Deed of Restrictions$50.00
Deed of Trust or Assignment$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Deeds$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Easement$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Easement Release$46.00
Encumbrance$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Encumbrance Release$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Fixture FilingContact Clerk's Office
Judgment Lien$46.00
Lease - Real Estate or Equipment$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
License Issuance$8.00
License Registration$10.00
Limited Partnerships or Partnership Agreement$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Lis Pendens Notice$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Lis Pendens Release$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Making a Record for City (Plat, and all other)$43.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Marital Agreement$46.00
Marriage License$50.00
Master Deed for Condominiums$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Mechanic Lien$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Mechanic Lien Release$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Military DischargeFree
Mortgage$80.00 ($3.00/page after 30 pages)
Mortgage Modification Agreement$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Mortgage with Assignment $126.00 ($3.00/page after 30 pages)
Name Change$43.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Notarizing Documents$2.00
Notary Bond$19.00
Notice of Execution$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Option Agreement - Real Estate$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Power of Attorney$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Real Estate Options - KRS 382.090$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Release of Mortgage$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Revocation of Power of Attorney$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Solicitors License$15.00
Subordination Agreement$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Survey Recording$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Tax Lien and Tax Lien Release (FEDERAL)$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Tax Lien and Tax Lien Release (STATE)$5.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Transient Merchant Permit Filing$25.00
Variances, Land Use$50.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Will$47.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Will Disclaimer$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Will Renunciation$46.00 ($3.00/page after 5 pages)
Legal Recording Fees